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Service for companies and their clients public communication

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  • Dialoggy service’s main task is to provide open and public communication between all types of companies and their clients. Project functionality, structure, logo, style, site’s interface and design are ours as well as visual communications art-directing.

    The logo is designed dynamic to represent 4 types of tickets that any user can attach: positive, negative, question-ticket and idea-ticket.

  • Even visiting the site for the first time, user gets its message from the visual scheme and within some clicks all main functions and possibilities become clear:

  • The companies’ catalogue is easy-to-use:

  • In the User Dashboard there are shown all companies’ tickets with responses the user is signed for and interested with:

  • User Profile:

  • Simple and easy registration:

  • Simple&illustrative search suggest:

  • Just find companies and branches on the map:

  • Find the latest news on the blog:

  • We’ve designed over 100 pages and graphic elements for the project. Just after its launch, the Dialoggy project got highly appreciated by investors, won many start-up contests and the Retail New Wave 2012 Award.

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