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Handy Calculator App

Just the best calculator for Mac OS X

All works Handy Calculator App
  • Handy Calculator is just the most handy and stylish Mac OS X calculator at the moment. It was created in collaboration with Alice Dev Team. Any doubts? Just download it in Mac App Store. We dealt with the application icon, calculator design, promo site and some elements of the application functional scope.

  • Handy Calculator
  • For sure, its fash design is the calculator’s advantage, but look at other possibilities: you can follow all the calculation history, copy and paste the results just in one click or using hot keys; “always on top” function and semi-transparent mode when inactive is available not to irritate you.

  • Handy Calculator
  • The calculator Excel view when it’s inactive:

  • Handy Calculator
  • Hotkeys:

  • Handy Calculator
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