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Social Networks: New Insight

All works SeeYou
  • SeeYou is a new social network that not only provides users with usual content, services and communication, but also makes their surfing intuitive and tactile as special attention is paid to visual dressing of the content.

  • User’s page:

  • Messenger service:

  • The standart version of the photo albums:

  • And full photo album version:

  • This new design is based on fresh and out-of-the-box solutions. For example, mini-jack cable serves as a current song indicator:

  • Just believe your eyes: journal looks just like a journal and nothing more:

  • Videos and playlists:

  • What an awesome Group Page:

  • Online shop in Group page for everyone:

  • Light version:

  • Mobile version:

  • And mobile app:

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