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Long Forgotten Feelings Come Back!

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  • Happy Cards is a service to create and send postcards from pole to pole. Yes, we speak about real paper cards. Why to explain what one feels when opening his/her postbox to find there a postcard from a loved one? Our digital generation is hungry for simple real things that can be touched.

  • Choose ready cards in the catalogue:

  • A quick detailed page of a card:

  • Stencil cards catalogue:

  • Stencil cards editor:

  • Create your own card:

  • Edit text and signature:

  • Your card is ready:

  • Search available too:

  • Welcome back:

  • Or quick registry:

  • Registered users can enjoy more services and possibilities:

  • User can assign any date of a year to send a card:

  • And choose convenient payment method:

  • Cards tracking service:

  • User can browse the succession of cards assigned to user dates:

  • Informative order history:

  • We've worked out the whole project: not only dealt with naming and logo but also developed and improved many internal services of the project. We've also desinged hundreds of page templates.

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