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Ar de Cado

Оne of the largest gift shops in the russian internet

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  • Ar de Cado is one of the largest gift shops in the Russian segment of the Internet. It has been operating for over 10 years. We have done a great job changing the visual component of the project from the logo and general style to the design of the site and all the necessary elements. In addition, we have worked on the structure of the new project, the marketing concept and have come up with a lot of interesting solutions making the new Ar de Cado one of the most sophisticated shops in the market.

  • A flexible index page can be completely transformed in the style of the next major holiday. The shop catalogue contains more than 3 thousand items, so one of the main tasks was to generate the maximum conversions possible:

  • The catalogue page with big picturesque images allows viewing hundreds and thousands of items without reloading:

  • A convenient multifunctional "glued" above filter does not prevent viewing of the catalogue and can be removed from the top panel in one click:

  • Product page:

  • The Basket page gives an opportunity to add items and change their characteristics without leaving the page:

  • One of the Personal Cabinet sections – Previous orders:

  • A sample letter for mailing:

  • More than one hundred pages and elements have been designed and created for the project. The new form is coming soon.

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